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Upper Cuts Barbershop has been established and founded in April of 2021. Danny the manager who is originally from New York has been a master barber since the early age of 16 and knows how to give a clean New York style fade and loves a great conversation and is very friendly. Danny, who use to work at Broadway Clippers Barbershop in New York had his own huge client base out there before moving out to Miami.


As the manager of Upper Cuts Barbershop, Danny has been a professional barber for 7 years and counting. Here at Upper Cuts Barbershop we specialize in all types of haircuts from regular haircuts, to skin fades, razor fades, Fauxhawks, Mohawks, tape ups and etc. In addition to a top notch haircut and shave Danny and his staff also know the importance of providing a great customer service experience. From everyone here at Upper Cuts Barbershop, we appreciate you're continued business and hope to see you soon. 

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